Saturday, December 14, 2013

Eco Friendly Mama Cloth Review

I have read many other opinions on mama cloth, for those of you new to the eco-friendly and cloth lingo, mama cloth is reusable and washable pads and panty liners.

At first my reaction was disgusting, but after thinking about it a while, it didn't seem so disgusting to me. I have been using cloth diaper on my little one for over a year now, and if I can do that then there is no reason I should find mama cloth disgusting, right?

Well, I got in touch with my partner in crime FaithKP and asked her to whip me up a batch of 10 panty liners and a wet bag for them. The picture above is the stash she sent me. I loved the fabrics and prints, the fabrics are super soft and feel much nicer against my skin then the plastic and paper of normal panty liners.

Now, most of us women have worn typical disposable panty liners at some point in time, whether during a pregnancy or before or after our menstrual cycle and you know they have the sticky backs and even some have wings now, well I don't know about you but mine would always slide out of place and bunch up and get very uncomfortable within a few hours, well these lovely little things called snaps on my mama cloth, hold my liners in place ALL day.

I had to write a review and share how wonderful these products are. The quality of the items are amazing as well, FaithKP does a fabulous job and takes pride in her work, I have ordered quite a few items from her and I have had zero complaints.

If you are looking for a good product that is easier on the environment and your wallet then give FaithKP a message and let her know you would love to own one of these amazing mama cloths today. She is able to make not only the panty liners, but regular pads for your menstrual cycle and also post partum pads for those weeks after baby arrives. The postpartum pads will be next on my review list because I am going to have to get some before this baby arrives, so be on the look out for that review as well.

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