Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rumparooz Fluff Review

My diaper right out of the mailing package (front)

 I am super excited to get to post this review. I have been cloth diapering now for almost 2 years and will be continuing to do so since our next little bundle of joy is due in May. 

I received my diaper very quickly, which is a bonus as any other fluff loving mamas know, we love getting fluff mail, it's almost like Christmas for us each time the mailman brings a package. ;)

I was sent an One Size Rumparooz in the color Spring. It came packaged so nice and neat I almost hated to open it. There were 2 thick micro fiber inserts. They can either be snapped together and used doubled up or used singly depending on how much absorbency you need. I personally use this as an overnight diaper so I use both inserts.

After washing my diaper I put it on my daughter, I am usually not a big fan of velcro but the velcro on this diaper is great, there is a place to stick the tabs when you are washing it and storing it so that the velcro doesn't go sticking to everything!

I love how easy this is to use, no fussing with the snaps which we all know during middle of the night changes can be very difficult and time consuming.

My little model

 You can pick up your Rumparooz from a number of different online sites, and I will list a few for you below.

As you may notice the prices all vary depending on where you decide to purchase from, but all in all I would gladly spend a decent amount of money on this diaper, it has never leaked on me yet, and it has been holding up fantastic through my washing routine.

This is one diaper that you will definitely get your money's worth of use out of! Don't trust me though, go grab one and try it out for yourself!
She is loving it

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